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"Their after sales service is always prompt and efficient. We can thoroughly recommend them"

Mission Statement ||  Business Concept ||  The Team ||  Service Division ||  Opportunities ||  Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the pre-eminent Refrigeration and Airconditioning Service Company in the Western Cape, this through a policy of Service Excellence to our many clients.

To become the Service company of choice for all our client ,building partnerships and not merely customer client relationships.

Treating all our clients with respect and honesty, with the realisation that our clients are more than just a number,and dealing with all clients on a basis of trust and mutual inter-dependance.

To offer our clients the best and most cost effective innovative ,HVAC products, available through research and product knowledge, as well as establishment of strategic partnerships with key role players in the HVAC supply chain

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Business Concept

As a specialist Service company we have geared ourselves to offer service par excellence, and pride ourselves on finishing 90% of service calls, on a first call out basis, resulting in less down time and costly delays for our clients.

Completing all projects to a set standard , yet giving our client the option of a less expensive altenative, generally giving our clients options, so as to operate within a set budget.

Dealing only in products with a proven track record within our industry, and suppliers who can guarantee ,their back up service and spares availabilty to their particular brand.

Offering our clients Service Level Agreement so as to protect ourselves as well the client , maintaining a high standard service, also ensuring sustainablity and profitability

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The Team


Magedie Johnson, brings a wealth of hands on experience in maintenance of HVAC equipment ,with specialist knowledge of all types of airconditioning and refrigeration systems in operation today.

Involved in day to operations and all project undertaken ,responsible for costing of projects , sourcing materials ,spares for service crews,as well as liasing with clients on day to day basis.

With a total of 45 years specialist experience amongst our senior staff we are capable of handling all projects

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Service Division

We operate a fleet of 3 well equipped and stocked service vehicles
We operate throughout the Westen cape .
We offer 24 hour ,7 day call out service.
We offer our clients a 4 hour response time.
Our approach is highly professional,with keen pricing ensuring value to our client .

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Challenges and Opportunities

The problems experienced by consumers in our field are varied and many ,ranging from inexperienced, and incompetent service technicians, through to improper costing on projects resulting in substandard installations, through to contractors not completing projects on time and as per specification.

The challenge as well opportunities created for Technicold Services as a specialist maintenance contractor is to rectify these problem as well as re-establishing a climate of trust between ourselves and our client.

Offering the most cost effective solutions to our clients

The best and most innovative products

Service delivery - The implementation of planned maintenance programs , so as to reduce operating costs to clients, elimination of costly breakdown before they occur.

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Goals and Objectives

To establish our brand amongst the top 10 service companies in the western cape.

To become the Refrigeration and Airconditioning company of choice not only for our existing clients ,but also make ourselves known amongst all Top Retail companies as well Architects, Project Managers, and key decision makers from amongst the top companies in the Western cape.

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